Feb. 1, 2022

Grassroots: faith and civics with Marc Trotter and Will Joyce

Grassroots: faith and civics with Marc Trotter and Will Joyce
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In this episode, Chris and Michelle sit down with Stillwater mayoral candidates Marc Trotter and Will Joyce. We learn what music they have recently listened to, how their faith impacts their call to public service and decision-making process, how their personal religious beliefs align with civic government and how they approach protecting the public’s health.

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Candidate campaign links:

Marc Trotter

Will Joyce

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Episode permalink: https://studiostillwater.net/grassroots-faith-civics-with-marc-trotter-will-joyce


Michelle CharlesProfile Photo

Michelle Charles

Studio Stillwater Co-creator & producer/Stillwater News Press – City Editor

Chris PetersProfile Photo

Chris Peters

Studio Stillwater Co-creator, producer/Stillwater News Press - News editor and page designer