Feb. 4, 2022

Grassroots: Visitor Tax proposal with Cristy Morrison and Chris Norris

Grassroots: Visitor Tax proposal with Cristy Morrison and Chris Norris
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Stillwater, home of Oklahoma State University, is inherently a destination town. Every year visitors make a significant impact on the city’s economy. Cristy Morrison and Chris Norris of Visit Stillwater join Chris and Michelle to discuss why Stillwater should consider raising the Visitor’s tax (formerly known as the hotel/lodging tax) from 4% to 7%. What the additional revenue will bring, and how we can improve our quality of life amenities by making visitors pay a little more while they are here.

Remember to vote on Feb. 8.

Useful links:

Payne County Election Board – https://www.paynecounty.org/election-board

Visit Stillwater – https://www.visitstillwater.org/visitor-tax/

Recorded: Jan. 27, 2022

Episode permalink: https://www.studiostillwater.net/grassroots-visitor-tax-proposal


Michelle CharlesProfile Photo

Michelle Charles

Studio Stillwater Co-creator & producer/Stillwater News Press – City Editor

Chris PetersProfile Photo

Chris Peters

Studio Stillwater Co-creator, producer/Stillwater News Press - News editor and page designer