May 18, 2021

In the Newsroom: #SonicCulture

In the Newsroom: #SonicCulture

In this week's extended edition, the editorial staff is joined by Kevin Shields, the new Publisher at the Stillwater News Press. Learn about Kevin's experience with local newspapers around the country and why Vermont didn't work out for him and his family. Kevin also shares the challenges of the newspaper business and why he loves a college town

STILLWATER "A fancy movie."

The news crew reviews the film's trailer, discusses how Hollywood fails at southern accents, and how Matt Damon sitting in his truck at Sonic captured the REAL Stillwater. #SonicCulture. Speaking of Oklahoma culture, the crew also shares what it was like covering Joe Exotic's run for Governor.

Ashlynd and Michelle also talk about police body cameras, toddler court, and therapeutic foster care in Oklahoma.

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Recorded on May 18th 2021

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Beau Simmons

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Ashlynd Huffman

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Michelle Charles

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