Oct. 12, 2021

In the Newsroom: Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift

In the Newsroom: Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift
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In this week’s episode, the newsroom discusses the headlines of the week. Ashlynd tells us about the state legislature’s study on expungement reform. Beau shares how Stillwater and OSU are preparing for the Afghan refugees. Chris shares some updates from the Mid South gravel cycling event, and Rob shares his thoughts on Joy Hofmeister switching parties to possibly run against Governor Stitt. Ashlynd preps to cover the Tim McGraw performance at the McKnight Center and Wally Funk’s visit to Stillwater.  

Articles discussed:

Recorded October 8th, 2021

Episode permalink: https://www.studiostillwater.net/in-the-newsroom-ep26

Rob McClendonProfile Photo

Rob McClendon

Publisher - Stillwater News Press

Ashlynd HuffmanProfile Photo

Ashlynd Huffman

Reporter - Stillwater News Press

Beau SimmonsProfile Photo

Beau Simmons

Editor - Stillwater News Press

Chris PetersProfile Photo

Chris Peters

Studio Stillwater Co-creator, producer/Stillwater News Press - News editor and page designer