Oct. 6, 2021

In the Newsroom: Evolving with Rob McClendon

In the Newsroom: Evolving with Rob McClendon
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In this week’s episode, we welcome new Publisher, Rob McClendon to the podcast. Rob shares how he got to Stillwater and what’s kept him here over the years. With a few digressions, the newsroom discusses the future of the Stillwater News Press.

Articles mentioned on the show:

Recorded September 30th, 2021

Episode permalink: https://www.studiostillwater.net/in-the-newsroom-ep25

Rob McClendonProfile Photo

Rob McClendon

Publisher - Stillwater News Press

Michelle CharlesProfile Photo

Michelle Charles

Studio Stillwater Co-creator & producer/Stillwater News Press – City Editor

Beau SimmonsProfile Photo

Beau Simmons

Editor - Stillwater News Press

Chris PetersProfile Photo

Chris Peters

Studio Stillwater Co-creator, producer/Stillwater News Press - News editor and page designer