Sept. 6, 2021

In the Newsroom: Going meta in the newsroom

In the Newsroom: Going meta in the newsroom
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In this week’s episode, we officially welcome Chris Peters to the newsroom team and discuss his new role while getting the nerdy details of what it takes to put out a paper. Ashlynd shares solid interview advice while Michelle updates us on the new tents outside Stillwater Medical Center. Beau shares an article warning about giving and receiving veterinary medical advice via social media. Also, Happy Labor Day!

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Recorded September 3rd, 2021

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Michelle CharlesProfile Photo

Michelle Charles

Studio Stillwater Co-creator & producer/Stillwater News Press – City Editor

Ashlynd HuffmanProfile Photo

Ashlynd Huffman

Reporter - Stillwater News Press

Beau SimmonsProfile Photo

Beau Simmons

Editor - Stillwater News Press

Chris PetersProfile Photo

Chris Peters

Studio Stillwater Co-creator, producer/Stillwater News Press - News editor and page designer