May 24, 2021

In the Newsroom: coldbrew & boozy slushies

In the Newsroom: coldbrew & boozy slushies

This week's episode is guaranteed to make you thirsty. The Governor reveals a sauce shortage, but no worries, Beau has a DIY solution for you in the new Stillwater Style magazine. What labor shortage looks like for our local restaurants and retailers. Kevin gives us his perspective on how it's not a localized issue and his disdain for mayonnaise. Michelle introduces us to coldbrew, a kid from Stillwater who's risen near the top of the lo-fi hip-hop music scene.

Articles mentioned on the show:

Labor pains: Lack of staffing hurts local restaurants

Look for your copy Summer Stillwater Style!

coldbrew on Sound Cloud

coldbrew Simple (music video)


Recorded on May 24th 2021


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Beau Simmons

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